24 December 2008

Boughs of Holly

Halloween, Thanksgiving, election day, finals...I couldn't let Christmas slide by without a comment at least! I had good intentions to send out holiday cards and treats and do all kinds of seasonal things, but oh well. This is my wish for loads of holiday goodness and comfort and delights for all of you! It's been a hectic few weeks, traveling between DC and Philly and back to the left coast. It looked like I would be spending Christmas at O'Hare airport with a lot of other unlucky folks but I managed to switch my flight to standby to San Francisco and here I am. I'm now relaxing and dissertating with my fabulous friend S. as she gets ready to move north to teach for a quarter. I missed every single bit of the blizzards and craziness back home, which is good and bad, but if you were or are in the snow I hope you stay safe and warm and cozy!

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